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Hello, my name is Thomas, most people call me Tom in person, online I go by Exluto. I am a passionate video game Developer. I enjoy going to Game Jams and meetups, trying to soak up as much knowledge as I can.

I started playing video games at a young age, by the time I was 13 I started to become more involved in the gaming industry, joining the popular gaming communities at the time. Shortly after I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the industry. At first it was YouTube, I started a channel and after a few months joined up with Machinima. I did YouTube for a few years, managed some large channels, also made a few Minecraft Networks that became fairly popular. That's when I started to get into code, I loved managing the Network, working on updates, adding new features and so on. I started to lose interest working on Minecraft all the time and thought about trying to make my own games, but it seemed like a tunnel dream.

After graduating High School I was going to go into business and try to get a BBA, however I still had that urge to try and make my own games, so I dropped out of my program before it even started and decided to follow my dream to make games.


Here are my highlights


Programmer, Entertainer, Entrepreneur, I have worked on all fronts of gaming, and I am extremely adaptable and able to fit many roles.

Game Development Work Experience


02, 03, 04

Peterborough Game Jams

I have attended 3 of the Peterborough game jams, first 2 I never finished the games and scrapped them, however the third one I worked on Pirate Vs. Pirate which you can find above.

Toronto Game Jam

TOJam 2018


I also attented TOJam 2018 where I worked on a very ambitious RPG game which is still in the works.


2017 - Present


Devoture Studios is a side project I started with some friends to work on some some of our game ideas, we currently have 2 games in pre production.


triOS College

Jan 2017 - Present

Game Design and Development.

I am currently attending triOS college game dev course, where I have learned how to use various engines such as Unity, Unreal, XCode, Android Studio and Phaser. Also have worked on 20+ people class projects, where I learned good teamwork skills how to use DevOPS.

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